Social Media Management and Analytics

Social media marketing is more than just status updates and tweets. It requires having a goal, a plan, and a strategy. It’s about using the power of social media audiences to increase company awareness and ultimately generate new business enquiries and sales. By applying proven strategies and techniques it’s possible to generate significant return on investment and achieve meaningful, specific commercial objectives.


Our social media ads and management services are proven to accelerate growth and inspire action. Choose from audience growth, website clicks, white paper downloads, app downloads, event promotions, product sales, newsletter sign-ups, community management and more.

The most important aspect about your social media platforms, is building relationships with your target audience to make them feel valued and, in turn, to build trust in the brand. This is also a great customer service asset to support pre-sales and post-sales enquiries and is supported by the content strategy.


We will:

  • Create and/or maintain profiles on appropriate social media platforms
  • Maintain a “voice” consistent with your brand in all social media communication, posting and responses.
  • Help to identify key influencers
  • Proactively engage and nurture relationships with key influencers
  • Create a structured plan for broadcasting content across social media platforms to engage audiences.
  • Engage with, and respond to, users to maintain and nurture relationships where possible.
  • Create and implementation of social media advertising to reach your target audience across a wide range of platforms

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